QCleaner Cleaner, Memory Unloader and Game Booster APK


We offer features such as QCleaner, Mobile statistics, Cũng như Powerful Trash File CleanerPhone Accelerator.

QCleaner Key Features

🌪️ Unnecessary File Cleaner
QCleaner helps you to open your storage space by removing unnecessary, residual and cache files that slow down your phone.
With our professional cleaner, you can clear more of the cache data in social media applications such as Facebook, Youtube, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram without worrying about deleting the wrong files.

🎮 Game Booster
Play at the highest speed without ever hanging games with the game accelerator. CPU, RAM and other hardware features automatically improve performance.

🚀 Phone Acceleration
One-click acceleration helps speed up the phone by freeing memory. After speeding up your phone, you can run a speed test to see how fast it is.

Thêm tính năng
Charge Assistant – Shows the charging status and messages.
Battery Savings, Information, and Statistics – Helps maintain running battery power and prolong battery life by sleeping applications. Battery obtain information on temperature, voltage, health and technology. You can also see battery status, battery level, temperature and voltage over time, and graphical statistics.
Game Acceleration – Manage your games and increase the speed of loading games.
Game Booster Shortcuts – Game Booster Acceleration shortcuts. (Speed up your device with double-click on shortcuts)
Planner – Speeds up the phone by unloading automatic memory for 30 minutes, 1, 3, and 7 hours.
Touch your apps – On the back side you can see a list of running applications unannounced, you can see how much memory it consumes and you can kill them
Thông tin thiết bị – You can see information about memory status, storage status, network, and device.
Đa ngôn ngữ – Supports 40+ languages. (From the main screen, you can access from the right menu)

QCleaner is the world's leading redundant file cleaner and accelerator on Google Play.

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